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Design Your Own Jewelry With Jewelry Making Kits
Jewelry is worn by both women and men because they beautify our appearance or because they mean something important to the wearer. Whatever the cause, jewelry has been part of our lives right from the beginning in various forms. [...]

How To Clean Your Diamonds Without Damaging Them
Many of us have diamonds or other jewelry that may need to be cleaned. Our day to day activities cause these items to become dirty and in need of some care. Lotion, soap, and skin oil can cause a film to appear on your jewelry. [...]

How To Find And Buy Antique Jewelry Wholesale Jewelry
Vintage or antique jewelry is worth a lot of money in most cases and it can get really expensive trying to acquire a collection. Actually with a little research and effort you can find antique jewelry wholesale just like any other product if you are willing to invest a little time. [...]

Jewelry Cleaning - The Cheap and Easy Way
There is no need to waste money on fancy jewelry cleaning solutions. You can save money by cleaning your jewelry at home using things you'll find in any kitchen or bathroom. [...]

The Use of Silver for Jewelry and Ornaments
Silver is a white metal that is soft, which makes it highly malleable. It is easy to draw out into thin wire or made into different shapes. It is very attractive when used in jewelry because it can be polished to a high shine that ill reflect 95% of the light that shines on it. [...]